TrustMe has a range of offerings for your business trust and resilience needs ranging from self-service to full-service offerings depending on whether you already have a CISO or security team and want to manage your operational visibility in-house or would prefer to rely on our virtual Chief Information Security Officer solutions and our dedicated and experienced team.

Use Cases

The flexibility of the TrustMe platform allows you to choose the solution package with the posture management modules you need to solve your current use cases, including.

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Improve Developer
Efficiency and

TrustMe helps companies measure and quantify the productivity and risk of individual employees.  Our platform provides actionable insight to help technical leaders and HR staff provide actionable insights to drive efficiency initiatives, new training programs, or employment transitions.  We can also help measure the predictability of scrum teams for better sprint planning.

Perform Due Diligence for M&A and Integration

TrustMe helps corporate development teams better assess acquisition targets by analyzing the software applications the companies are using today to determine above issues including security, licensing, and productivity.  This empowers mergers and acquisitions teams to better plan, negotiate, and close transactions, as well as help with integration through continuous monitoring even post-acquisition.

In addition, we can find the relationships across these use cases to better connect security vulnerabilities, developer responsibilities, and business value vulnerable applications.


The TrustMe platform is vertical agnostic and we are already engaging with companies in fields including technology, legal, healthcare, manufacturing, banks and financial services, insurance, retail, and more to help with visibility into their risks through reviews of their security, third-party software, reputation, and more.

Case Study

Improving Productivity 

At A Fintech Startup


Founded in 2020, Jiph is a cross-border remittance platform that offers real-time transactions through mobile devices.

Available in the USA, Canada, France, UK, Spain, Ireland,
Netherlands and Philippines, the solution lets you send money from abroad in just minutes.

The Challenge

Being a financial services provider, Jiph was sensitive to the potential issues that their business would encounter. Executive management realized that the company needed to get better visibility into potential issues that could arise around risk, security, and efficiency. But as a small startup, the team didn’t know the best way to even get started.

They came to TrustMe looking for help to get insights and advice on how to empower their business.

The Solution

TrustMe provided the development team with a security assessment and architecture review of their IT infrastructure. Integrating with Jiph’s IT infrastructure and analyzing the four pillars of People, Process, Perimeter, and Product, TrustMe helped the company realize that there were issues with efficiency where parts of the team had low productivity. With the insight provided by TrustMe, Jiph was able to restructure the team and improve overall productivity while reducing security false positives.

Kennette Canales

Founder & CEO of Jiph

TrustMe highlighted areas of risk in both Jiph’s early and planned product along with detailed recommendations on addressing them.  Our partnership started with coverage on security, but the holistic visibility TrustMe provided allowed us to make team decisions supposed by data to improve our productivity.