Provide the tools and services to implement best practices for security and operations by optimizing the testing and analyses of security processes

Static App Security Testing (SAST)

Quality Code Analysis

Dynamic App Security Testing (DAST)

Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IAC) Analysis

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

TrustMe’s Application Security Posture Management solution takes an event-driven “shift left” approach that enables developers to fix code and vulnerability issues before they submit the code to remote repositories. This reduces the cost of fixing defects and vulnerabilities versus later in the software development.

Built-in agents include Cloud Native Application Protection (CNAPP).  With Static App Security Testing (SAST), TrustMe can do a real-time analysis that identifies the weaknesses from the application’s source code that lead to vulnerabilities and prevent security-related issues prior to production deployment. Deploying Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) early in the software development cycle can dynamically scan web applications to detect security vulnerabilities while saving cost.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) identifies open source libraries, security issues, license compliance, and code quality to mitigate security and reputation risk. Software Bill-of-Material (SBOM) analysis identifies license information of open source and third-party software components to mitigate legal and reputation risk.

Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IAC) security solutions identify weaknesses in the configuration and deployment of infrastructure components, does image analysis, and defects vulnerabilities before deployment.

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Productivity & Efficiency

Measure and quantify the productivity and risk of individual employees to provide actionable insights to drive better efficiency initiatives and training and plan sprints

Connect with JIRA, GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab and SVN to measure Developer Productivity

Open/Closed Tickets
Completed Sprints

Understand Project & Sprint Productivity

Measure Predictability through Git/SVN Analytics

TrustMe also helps with productivity and efficiency posture management, starting with looking at employee productivity and risk. The platform can continuously measure and quantify productivity based on their activities, including identifying the risk of them moonlighting/working more than one job or insider threats of potential breaches.

We have a particular focus on developer productivity to gain actionable insights to their efficiency, adherence to timelines, responsiveness to challenges, and overall completion rates. This helps organizations drive efficiency initiatives, new training programs, and cost reduction initiatives.

Key to this is looking at the productivity at the project or sprint board level, providing holistic visibility for projects or scrum teams and the insight on individual sprint analytics, enabling efficiency to improve. By measuring the predictability of scrum teams or projects, teams can improve sprint planning and resource allocation.

In addition, our Git/SVN analytics provides continuous visibility into company productivity with Git source code management (SCM) and SVN revision control system (RCS) analytics. The Git/SVN metrics provide a deep understanding of the bottlenecks in the development cycle and insight into the development productivity and efficiency.

TrustMe Agents

  • Built-in probes Installed on servers/endpoints
  • Runs CNAPP (SAST, DAST, SCA), QCA, and IaC scanners
  • Discover assets (Libraries, DBMS, Files, etc.) and check patches
  • Uploads telemetry data to the cloud platform

TrustMe Cloud

SaaS Orchestrator and Risk & Security Posture Management
(RSPM) Platform Control Center


Data aggregation


Live reports, Analystics

SaaS Toolset

Scan apps, Assets, Integrate with enterprise’s tools (SCA, SAST, DAST, IaC)


AI guided inquiries/Analytics


AI guided calculation


  • TrustMe scanner & monitors
  • Client’s scanners & monitors
  • TrustMe integrator (with CI/CD/issue Mgmt, Assets Mgmt, Reputation Sources,Third-Parties)

TrustMe Connector

  • Installed in customer’s private cloud or data center
  • Enables acces for RSPM scanners (eg: SAST, DAST) to the tested code/app
  • Enables uploading telemetry data from repos such as Gitlab, JIRA or endpoints to the cloud RSPM platform
  • API integrations to popular repositories, tools, and cloud services such as GitHub, Jira, AWS, SVN, GitLab, and BitBucket

Why keeps companies safe, secure, and trustworthy with a single pane of glass solution for software development governance.  For customers, who are seeking to improve security, risks, and inefficiencies impacting their business, offers a unique AI-driven to provide complete observability into security 

& risks, actionable insights, preemptive analytics, and risk modeling to boost productivity and efficiency across the entire organization. control center manages risk and security posture across the 4Ps (People, Product, Property, Process) of engineering and devops.


Aggregation of data across security, asset management, issue management, business context, third-party-risk, IT-employee productivity and efficiency, assessment-framework guidelines

Application Security

Built-in Application Security tools for Software Code Analysis, Software Vulnerability, Software Bill of Materials and Endpoint Application Security

Actionable Insight

Normalization and correlation of related risk, security, and productiivty to enable modeling of risk and actionable insight

Productivity & Efficiency

Software Engineering Intelligence Platform that understands the productivity of developers and IT employees as well as the utilization and efficiency of digital assets

AI-enabled Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Continous and automated data gathering to map the relationships across the organization

Predictive Analytics

Contextual risk, security, and productive assessments to foresee consequences of actions and enable optimal decisions

Continuous Monitoring

Holistic operational visibility with real-time continuous monitoring


Quantify trustworthiness and use it as a competitive advantage as well as meet Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) requirements