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Introduction of trustme.ai

16 Jun 2023 3 PM
  • Published by Ganesh Nakhawa
  • As the industry embraces digital transformation to be innovative, productive, and more efficient, it creates challenges to keep up with business risks. Many executives come to realize that business risk may become more complex in the future, and it comes from anywhere. As enterprises deal with their customers, partners, and ecosystem, Trust becomes an important factor to build a successful business. As a business leader, you may always think about how to boost teams’ productivity and efficiency; make sure your software is secured from any vulnerabilities; how to enhance the company’s reputation; and cost optimization based on the risks.

    As you embark on digital transformation to deliver value to your customers, you may have to worry about government and regulators’ compliance requirements besides security. There are many vendors that focus on risk whether Third-party Risk Management or Rating services, however, they lack Security insights and the same thing goes to security vendors who may lack business risk context. On top of that, these tools are complex and difficult to manage.

    What enterprises need is a simple platform that provides insights into risk, security and productivity with continuous monitoring to improve agility and efficiency which yield trust among customers and partners.

    This is why we are excited to announce our trustme.ai solution which is AI-driven, simple, intuitive, and comprehensive Risk, Security and Productivity Posture Management Platform that empowers business executives with visibility into the risks, security, and inefficiencies impacting their business. This platform offers an easy-to-understand TrustMe score (like the FICO credit score) that defines risk, security and productivity posture and provides actionable insights.

    TrustMe closes the gap between security and risk management with complete observability and continuous monitoring of Products, Perimeter, Processes, and People. TrustMe platform continuously discovers and monitors security, licensing, and dependency vulnerabilities in your software, including open-source libraries and operational efficiency to accelerate innovation and growth for the organization and its customers. Our preemptive analytics enable executives with the capability to model actions and foresee their repercussions before the actions take place, thus avoiding any risks.

    Please visit trustme.ai to learn more about how you can build Trust for your ecosystem with TrustMe.ai Risk, Security and Productivity Posture Management platform.