TrustMe worked with a fintech startup to improve the productivity of their engineering team with our control center for R&D optimization and governance.

The Challenge

Being a financial services provider, Jiph was sensitive to the potential issues that their business would encounter. Executive management realized that the company needed to get better visibility into potential issues that could arise around risk, security, and efficiency. But as a small startup, the team didn’t know the best way to even get started.  They came to TrustMe looking for help to get insights and advice on how to empower their business.


By leveraging’s governance solution for engineering and devops, Jiph successfully addressed its development productivity, efficiency, and cybersecurity challenges, safeguarding its digital assets and client data. It allows JIph to serve its customers with timely software delivery and secure software distribution, contributing to their overall success and growth.


Founded in 2020, Jiph is a cross-border remittance platform that offers real-time transactions through mobile devices.  Available in the USA, Canada, France, UK, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands and Philippines, the solution lets you send money from abroad in just minutes.

The TrustMe Solution

TrustMe provided the development team with a security assessment and architecture review of their IT infrastructure. Integrating with Jiph’s IT infrastructure and analyzing the four pillars of People, Process, Perimeter, and Product, TrustMe helped the company realize that there were issues with efficiency where parts of the team had low productivity. With the insight provided by TrustMe, Jiph was able to restructure the team and improve overall productivity while reducing security false positives.

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